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My Story
(Steve Broughton)

We believe that with God there is always HOPE!

The year was 2002 and I had found myself very busy doing what I loved.
I had finally begun to climb the vocational pastoral ladder and was on track to arrive at the place that I had been waiting for. My schedule was full and I was needed by a great number of people and organizations. I had grown to a place of influence where my voice mattered.

My heart bled ministry but my time devoted to helping others had caused a rift in my home life.
I had justified helping others to the point that I rarely found myself at home. My marriage was struggling to survive let alone thrive. My kids would only get to see me for a few brief moments of the day.

The tension of my work success and my family failure had a collision and it was nearly fatal.

Thankfully, the leadership team of the church that I ministered at had the wisdom to intervene and help us with a major course correction.
They met with us, prayed with us, asked us hard questions, and pointed us toward forgiveness and reconciliation. That difficult process produced a healing that I had never witnessed before first hand. Though the journey to healing was difficult I can honestly say it was one of the best things that happened to all of us. We experienced Hope like never before. Our marriage and ministry truly started that day.

After being in vocational ministry for nearly 8 years I had finally learned what it meant to minister to my family.

This very encounter in our lives sparked us to equip ourselves to help others in the same life situations.
Through years of college, seminars, courses and practical teaching we have been growing in our marriage as well as equipping others to do the same. Now, with 25 years of marriage under our belts we have had the privilege of sitting down with many others and walking them through their life struggles.

Will you give us an opportunity to walk out your life issues alongside of you?  Contact us to: Schedule an appointment for Biblical Counseling, find the nearest Married Life Conference, or get us connected with your Pastor.

Steve Broughton


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History of Restoring Hope
Over the last 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of serving in ministries both internationally and domestically.  Over this time, we’ve seen and experienced the liberation of people from their deepest hurts as they surrender themselves to God.  Restoring Hope Ministries exists to reconcile people to God and one another.  This is done through biblical counseling (Restoring Hope Biblical Counseling), conferences (Married Life Conference & Your Secret Name Conference), marriage intensive retreats (Married Life Retreat), and other intensives.


Steve & Kristina Broughton

We have served in ministry throughout the last 25 years.  We served as missionaries in both Hungary and Arizona.  I have served in full-time ministry in many different ways.  In Louisville, KY I served as Worship and Youth Minister for four years as well as Director of the South Louisville Lighthouse Program for troubled youth.  In Waterford, OH I served as the preaching minister for four years.  For five and half years I have served as the Discipleship and Worship Minister for New Life Church in Bellville, OH and then 3 1/2 years as the New Hope Church Northwestern Campus Pastor and the Director of Biblical Counseling and partnered with New Hope Church in Wooster, Oh. I am currently the Lead Pastor at Central Church of Christ in Findlay, OH.

Steve is a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors and holds his Bachelors of Pastoral Ministry degree from Masters International School of Divinity.  Steve's main focus is marriage counseling however, he also provides counseling for all aspects of life and faith not limited to parenting, life coaching, addictions and so forth.

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