Biblical Counseling

Have you been struggling to find the answers to many of life’s issues? Maybe you have been attempting to make sense of the rising tensions in your relationships with your spouse, friends, child(ren), or family members? Possibly you have been wrestling with depression, anger, grief, or with troubles from your present or your past.

Restoring Hope can help you identify the root causes to many of your tensions. We offer biblical solutions to your broken relationships and unfulfilled life. With God’s guidance you can begin to overcome the things that have held you back from experiencing hope, healing, forgiveness, and freedom.

We believe that the Word of God contains all the answers to life issues. When we are faced with complex issues we turn to God and Godly counsel. Within a session we explore the issue that is presenting, identify all the people involved, realign our responses to God’s Word, and take the next step of healing.  There are times that this is not a comfortable endeavor but it is a needful endeavor in order to walk in the newness of life.

We provide counsel on every aspect of life including: marriage, parenting, identity crisis, forgiveness, and many issues of the heart.  We are members of the Association of Biblical Counselors.

Biblical Counseling is provided in person in both Hancock County, OH as well as Knox/Richland County, OH. Other venues include: online approaches, conferences, and short term help such as biblical intensives for couples who need a weekend or more to focus solely on moving forward.

Biblical Counseling & Life Coaching Testimonials

Could your marriage use a tune-up?


Why a marriage conference?

Are there areas of your marriage that you’d love to see improve? Maybe things are going ok, but they could get much better? Or, perhaps things are a little upside down in your relationship and you need to spend some time refocusing on what your marriage is all about? It’s time to move from survive to thrive in your marriage! Join us for this one day conference and give your marriage the focus it deserves.

You will experience teaching, interactions, laughter, and inspiration throughout the day that will encourage and enrich your marriage.  This is for couples from newlyweds to those who have been together many years.

The conference is led by Steve & Kristina Broughton and the Restoring Hope Team. To book this one day conference for your venue click below and contact us. We look forward to spending a day growing in our marriages!

Married Life Conference Testimonials